Delivering Democracy Lecture


Arizona has long been viewed as a place in which democracy is undervalued and undermined. The word “democracy” is one of the most recognized, despised, venerated and misunderstood terms in the English language. Uttered often by everyday people, political agents, and business leaders alike, democracy's potential has yet to be fully realized because it is routinely distorted, misjudged and exploited. In order for American democracy to flourish and expand, its origins, evolution and potency must be explained by the world’s leading and inspirational visionaries, in an accessible and thought provoking way.

The annual Delivering Democracy Lecture provides a platform for innovative, solution-oriented lecturers to present major intellectual and new idea-based statements on participatory democracy. This program will serve as a catalyst in the understanding, promotion and deliverance of democracy to the people of Arizona and beyond; and, it will help turn the tide by enabling the Center for the Study of Race and Democracy to move Arizona to the frontline and center the conversation on determining what democracy is and how, if understood, will lead citizens to a higher level of freedom and prosperity.

2018 Delivering Democracy Lecture
Van Jones Headshot

Van Jones
2018 Distinguished Lecturer
Saturday, April 21  |  4 p.m.
Pilgrim Rest Baptist Church, Phoenix                     

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Past Distinguished Lecturers:
Soledad O'Brien Headshot                                                              Soledad O'Brien    
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