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Created Equal Film and Arts Series

Using the power of film, creative arts, and performance to draw scholars, students, artists and the community into public conversations about the changing meanings of freedom and equality.

Impact Arizona

Difficult dialogues, solution-oriented workshops and lectures are part of this holistic effort to leverage diversity this community offers as we connect scholars, citizens, and community leaders to address pressing issues.

Delivering Democracy Lecture

Innovative solution-makers who have contributed to, and pushed the traditional boundaries of democratic ideals, offer opinion and engage uniquely diverse and inclusive audiences to build our understanding, promotion, and deliverance of participatory democracy.

Words on Wheels

A mobile community writing program to help individuals develop personal, professional and civic writing skills and documents.

Architects of Change Project

The CSRD recognizes individuals whose diverse life experiences have led to transformational change. “Architects of Change” range from those who have high profiles to those hidden in plain sight – their common trait is all that they do to make our neighborhoods, cities, states, country and world a better place.