Cloves Campbell, Sr. Scholarship

This scholarship award is in honor of Cloves Campbell, Sr. and his honored contributions to the community. The scholarship is intended to assist qualified students in undergraduate or graduate studies in ethnicity and race, justice studies, civil and human rights, and African and African American studies.

Cloves Campbell, Sr. served in the Arizona legislature for 10 years in both the House and Senate, and was the first African American to serve in the Senate. While in office, Mr. Campbell sponsored many groundbreaking pieces of legislation serving the diverse communities of Arizona, including a proposal to establish a Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday in the state. During his public life, Mr. Campbell also ran for Secretary of State, and was head of the Phoenix chapter of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP). Cloves Campbell, Sr. and his brother Charles Campbell owned and operated the Arizona Informant newspaper, which is currently one of the longest running and most widely circulated weeklies in Arizona.

Areas of Study:Ethnicity and Race; Justice Studies; Civil and Human Rights; 
and African and African American Studies
Enrollment Status:Full-time; 3/4 time; 1/2 time
Academic Level:Undergraduate; Graduate
Minimum GPA:Not Applicable

Applications for the Cloves Campbell Sr. Scholarship will be accepted in the spring semester. Visit the Financial Aid and Scholarship Services page to search for this, and other financial aid opportunities.

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Photo of Cloves Campbell Sr.