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Hello, and welcome to the new CSRD Blog. In this first post, we, the editors, are going to provide you a quick overview of the reasons for launching this blog and laying out the aims, structure, scope, and plan for it in the coming year and beyond.

Why a CSRD Blog?

As part of our work, the Center for the Study of Race and Democracy (CSRD) at Arizona State University (ASU) aims to “offer citizens access to scholarly research, interdisciplinary study, discourse and debate on cutting-edge issues related to race and democracy.” And, since our founding, we at the CSRD have worked to meet this mission through ongoing programs like Impact Arizona, the Created Equal Film and Arts Series, the Delivering Democracy Lecture, and Words on Wheels. The CSRD Blog will help us to continue to push forward in realizing our vision by providing a platform for critical research and reflections that can “contribute to the dismantling of myths and stereotypes with regard to race, ethnicity, class, gender, culture, immigrants and sexual orientation.” In the weeks, months, and years to come, we encourage all community members to contribute for a rich experience that helps shed light on these myths and stereotypes.

By adopting the “blog” format, we are making a conscious choice to expand upon the ways that academic writing is usually done (for example, the kinds of writing that fills up academic journals and academic books) by focusing on short form writing (600-1,200 words per post) that is accessible to both scholars and the general public. Freely accessible and completely digital, this CSRD Blog allow us to engage the world in dynamic and responsive ways that are essential in a complex and ever-changing world. With each and every post to the CSRD Blog, we will strive to make the CSRD Blog a place to critically engage contemporary issues of race and democracy in ways that challenge our readers and enrich our community.

Who is Running the Blog?

The CSRD Blog will be run in the first year by a three person editorial team.

Our Managing Editor is Christopher Burrell, PhD, CSRD Affiliate Faculty and Instructor of Philosophy in the College of Integrative Sciences and Arts. Dr. Burrell will oversee all aspects of the blog.

Dr. Burrell will be joined by two co-editors, Chandra Crudup, PhD, CSRD Faculty Fellow and Lecturer of Social Work in the School of Social Work, and James Wermers, MA, CSRD Faculty Fellow and Digital Humanities Course Manager in the College of Integrative Sciences and Arts at ASU. Dr. Crudup will oversee issues of community engagement and outreach for the blog, and Mr. Wermers will oversee all technological aspects of the blog.

All three editors will also serve as principal authors for the blog during the first year and will, as a committee, have final say on all material that is published on the blog.

Please note that while the CSRD Blog is housed by the Center for the Study of Race and Democracy at ASU, the blog represents the views of its authors and editors and not necessarily the views of the CSRD or ASU. For the full Code of Conduct and Terms for the CSRD Blog, visit: https://csrd.asu.edu/blogterms.

What Topics Will We Cover?

The CSRD Blog is designed to be a flexible forum for engaging issues that are central to the mission of the CSRD. Sometimes we will use the blog as a way to expand on issues explored in ongoing CSRD programming. For example, we may use blog posts as a way to provide additional context surrounding a given CSRD program, to address issues raised during a talkback session that may have happened at a recent CSRD program, or to explore in more depth issues related to a given program that could not be covered during that program. We will also be using the blog to address current events and issues that, for whatever reason, cannot be fully addressed by regular CSRD programs.

What is the Plan for the Blog in the Coming Year and Beyond?

During its first year, the CSRD Blog will consist of posts written by the editorial team and some CSRD Affiliate Faculty. We will be posting at least one blog post every two weeks during our first year of operation. While we will focus on a planned series of posts that will help further define the scope and style of the blog, we will also be posting blogs that respond to current events and ongoing issues. Finally, we will sometimes use the blog as a way to bolster the advertising of other CSRD programs.

While in its first year the CSRD Blog will feature prominently CSRD affiliated voices, we are excited to share with you that starting in August 2018, the CSRD Blog will expand to include the diverse voices and ideas of our local and national communities. Starting next summer, we will begin to accept submissions for peer-reviewed publication on the CSRD Blog, and we will welcome submissions from anyone interested in writing for the blog regardless of academic or professional experience or credentials. All submissions will be reviewed by the editorial team and, when appropriate, CSRD Affiliate Faculty. We will share more information about the peer-review process in a future post.

Christopher Burrell, PhD, Christopher.Burrell@asu.edu
Chandra Crudup, PhD, Chandra.Crudup@asu.edu
James Wermers, MA, jwermers@asu.edu

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